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Thousands rally to support Tunisian president’s suspension of parliament


Thousands of Tunisian citizens on Sunday rallied to support President Kais Saied’s suspension of the parliament and promises to change the political system, Reuters reported. 

About 8,000 supporters of Saied protested in central Tunis and a thousand others demonstrated in various cities around the country, according to local media outlets. 

Saied suspended Tunisia’s the elected parliament, dismissing the prime minister and exerting executive authority over the country, according to Reuters. 

Saied also suspended parts of the country’s constitution last month, giving himself the power to pass legislation by decree.

Demonstrators waved flags and displayed placards that are against Ennahda, a moderate Islamic party that is the largest in the parliament and the main opponent to Saied, Reuters reported. 

“We demand that Saied dissolve Ennahda and the political parties involved in corruption,” Demonstrator Noura Bensalah said. 

The country’s labor union and foreign donors have come out against Saied’s suspension of the constitution. 

Saied has said that the public supports his extraordinary moves, after previous governments failed them, Reuters noted.

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