Tight German election results point to a long night but SPD leads

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Tight race continues to unfoldThe CDU/CSU dynasty in Germany is on thin ice as Merkel makes her exit. Her replacement Armin Laschet is trailing in projected results from ZDF.Here's the tally as they see it:CDU/CSU 24.2%SPD 25.8%Hard-right AFD 10.1%Greens 14.7%Left Party 5.0%FDP 11.8%SPD minister Hubertus Heil said "this is a spectacular success. This demonstrates citizens' faith in Olaf Scholz...The SPD is back, we are in our place again."The CDU's Laschet said "we will do everything to form a conservative-led government, because Germany needs a future-oriented coalition that modernizes our country." Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub. Source link
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