Trawling for the FTSE 100 constituents of tomorrow

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Here's a list of more than 20 stocks that, if they keep up their recent growth rates, look destined to take their place in the FTSE 100 The FTSE 250 is challenging its all-time high which is a decent achievement given its star performers end up in the FTSE 100. The senior index, by the way, is not particularly adjacent to its all-time high. What's also impressive is the FTSE 100 jettisons its unwanted baggage, which ends up being carried by the mid-cap index, and yet still it soldiers on, hitting new heights. So, who are the “hard-chargers” that look set to make it in the fullness of time into the FTSE 100?  Now, you might think that this is a simple matter of listing the FTSE 250 companies ranked by market capitalisation but that does not give any insight into the long-term trajectory of the stock. To do that, we have calculated the annual percentage growth over a ten-year and ranked them accordingly. For interest, in the table below we have also listed each compan
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