Trump’s Lackeys Were Just Subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 Committee—Can They Evade Testifying?

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News broke last night that four former and current key Trump advisors have been subpoenaed for records and to testify in October before the Select Committee on January 6. While some Democrats cheered, others shook their heads, understandably believing this would end the way so many other subpoenas during the Trump administration ended: with witnesses refusing to appear and the investigation halted until the courts could resolve the issue years later and, for practical purposes, too late.Will the same fate await these four subpoenas? Generally speaking, Congressional subpoenas can be enforced unless there is a recognized, overriding privilege that prevents it. If witnesses refuse to appear but there isn't any privilege protecting them, they can be found in contempt and the Department of Justice can prosecute them with financial penalties and, more importantly, up to a year in jail. One of the real problems the prior Congress faced was that former Attorney General Barr's DoJ was
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