‘Turmoil’ at Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin: report

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Former NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson on Jeff Bezos' first crewed Blue Origin flight. There is trouble at Blue Origin, according to a new report claiming Jeff Bezos' aerospace venture is experiencing a "talent exodus," purportedly due in part to actions by CEO Bob Smith. The allegations came the day after a group of former Blue Origin employees wrote an open essay slamming what they called a "toxic" culture at the company. Photo credit: Getty Images / Blue Origin (Getty Images / Blue Origin)BLUE ORIGIN UNVEILS DATE, FIRST TWO CREW MEMBERS FOR OCTOBER SUBORBITAL SPACEFLIGHT Attrition at Blue Origin has surpassed 20% this year, with many blaming Smith's push to get all the company's employees back into the office, multiple people familiar with the situation told CNBC. But Blue Origin dismissed the claims, with a spokesperson telling the outlet that attrition "has never exceeded 12.7%" on an annualized rate. The spokesperson also waived off allegations that anything un
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