US House of Reps to decide on infrastructure bill this week By BTC Peers

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US House of Reps to decide on infrastructure bill this week Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has revealed that the house will vote on the controversial $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill on Thursday, Sept. 30. [On] September 27, we will begin debate on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework on the Floor of the House and vote on it on Thursday, September 30.According to a Reuters report, Pelosi is confident that the legislation will be approved. She had previously opined that she would not present the bill to a vote unless she was confident it would pass.Pelosi also pointed out that the vote will take place the day before the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021 is set to expire. The original version of the legislation passed through the Senate with bipartisan support on Aug. 10. It may enforce stringent counterparty reporting from decentralized network validators, and software developers, who do not have the neces
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