Weekend reads: Retirement locations in 6 states

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If you are retired and wish to move, or if you are planning to find a new location to spend your golden years, try MarketWatch’s retirement location tool. It includes data for more than 3,000 U.S. counties and incorporates climate risk. Silvia Ascarelli writes the “Where Should I Retire?” column to help MarketWatch readers consider retirement locations based on their own special circumstances and desires. Here are two recent sets of possibilities: I’m 50 and considering an early retirement. I want a vibrant place with moderate-left demographics where I can stretch out my savings We want to retire in the Carolinas or Virginias in a walkable town neither too large nor too small — where should we go?Here’s what to buy when the stock market drops Every day there is someone warning of a looming “correction” in the stock market, which is typically defined as a decline of at least 10%. This type of pullback is actually a typical ev
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