What will you call home when you’re older? The ultimate guide to housing in later life

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About half of retirees (52%) remain in the homes they had in their 50s, according to a 2020 report from Boston College Center for Retirement Research. Another 17% are “stable movers” who relocate to a new home at retirement, then stay put. Then, 14% move often in retirement and 16% are “late movers,” who are forced to move following a health crisis in their 80s. “The challenge is that it is very difficult to tell early on which households will need to move in their old age,” say the report’s authors. What’s key? A realistic assessment of your wants, needs and financial situation. As you consider: Do the math. Your choice has to fit your retirement budget through your remaining life. A useful tool: the Social Security Administration’s Life Expectancy Calculator. But factor in the “heart math.” That covers social-emotional needs (family, services, activities), climate, safety, recreation, transportation (to medical care, shopping, volunteering, th
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