Which companies are trading at the largest discount to their consensus target price?

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Target prices usually relate to a 12-month timeframe. Here are 20 stocks tipped by brokers to rise by more than 40% over the next year. When it comes to dishing out the “buy” ratings, stockbrokers are not exactly reluctant. Put another way, brokers are loath to apply a “sell” rating to shares of a company that might potentially be a future client. So, take “buy” ratings with a pinch of salt, especially when it is the house broker making the recommendation. That being said, there is no rule – even an unwritten rule – that says a broker has to go mad with its target price. Most analysts are inveterate number crunchers with spreadsheet-based models they use to apply a target price to a share (usually over a 12-month timeframe) and this can be an indication as to just how enthusiastic they truly are about a share. To be sure, the maxim “garbage in, garbage out” applies and if an analyst’s underlying assumptions are wrong then no matter how finely tuned
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