Why some investors always make money & some lose? Gerald Loeb spots the gaps

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Legendary investor Gerald M Loeb thrived in the investment world for nearly five decades in the 20th century, which is by no means an ordinary feat. What made Loeb really stand apart from the ordinary investors was his ability and desire to know exactly what it takes to be successful in the stock market. “Nothing is more difficult, I truly believe, than consistently and fairly profiting in Wall Street. I know of nothing harder to learn. Schools and textbooks supply only a good theoretical background,” he wrote in his book The Battle for Investment Survival. Gerald Loeb was a founding partner at EF Hutton & Co, a renowned Wall Street trading and brokerage firm. Loeb was born in July 1899 in San Francisco and an inheritance from his father, when he was very young, sparked a lifelong passion for investing. He started his investing career in 1921 and was always ready to gather knowledge in trading, investing and economics. In 1923, he suffered a substantial loss of his ove
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