Why the stock market might see ‘further choppiness’ in October

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Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product at Direxion, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss what to expect from the stock market in headed into October.Video Transcript- And I want to stick on the markets here and also on that econ data. And for that, we're going to bring in Dave Mazza. He's a Managing Director, Head of Product at Direxion. And Dave, thanks for joining us today.I just want-- you heard what Emily was saying about the numbers that we got this morning. There's a huge debate raging about inflation. Powell says it's transitory I don't believe him. But what's your take on all these numbers?DAVE MAZZA: I think your stance about not believing him it's becoming a bit more of consensus here, is it's getting harder and harder to show at least from a data perspective that inflation is indeed transitory or exactly what is that particular mean. I think what's notable though, is that we're seeing markets really try to digest this. And in many ways, all it's doing is adding
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