Would Crypto Be A Good Asset To Have If Crisis Strikes By DailyCoin

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Would Crypto Be A Good Asset To Have If Crisis Strikes According to a recent disaster preparedness survey, more than 75% of Americans are not ready with ample food or water supplies – even after going through COVID-19. When it comes to money, some experts recommend a goal of $2,000 in cash on hand if banks go down. However, the U.S. Federal Reserve reports that nearly 40% of Americans couldn’t handle a $400 cash emergency. It makes sense to have a supply of food, water, and money available if disaster hits. But disasters and crises take many forms. Natural disasters such as the spreading wildfires we’ve seen this summer across California or hurricanes ripping up the U.S. eastern coastline have caused mass evacuations. As we all saw and experienced last year, civil unrest or a pandemic can force families and individuals into protective lockdown. Not to mention the possibility of an economic collapse. Consider the consequences if a country’s currency turns hyperin
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