Wrapped Bitcoin Sees Slight Boost, Rises 1.31% – FX Leaders

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Wrapped Bitcoin has pulled ahead of conventional Bitcoin ever so slightly, achieving $46,382 so far compared to Bitcoin’s $46,374. Wrapped Bitcoin is up 1.31% and continuing to rise.It’s not experiencing the kind of first-of-the-week increases that some of the other cryptocurrencies are, and it’s had a sporadic past week. Wrapped  Bitcoin has managed to stay around the $46,500 mark for most of last week, falling below $44,500 briefly and hitting a high of $48,102 on Saturday.That’s a similar story to some of the major cryptos like Ethereum, but a number of cryptos have continued to rise almost all week, including Theta and Dogecoin. The performance of Bitcoin, and therefore Wrapped Bitcoin, over the past week has been difficult to predict, making it a nightmare for investors. That’s the kind of volatility that’s expected from the top performing crypto, however.Wrapped Bitcoin Tied to Regular BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is intrinsically linked to Bitcoin (BTC), w
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